Lasting Hope Youth Haven - A place to belong, believe, and become

Lasting Hope Youth Haven is a Christian, faith-based home designed to reach the homeless teenage population in Walker and surrounding counties. The focus of these homes is to provide housing, clothing, food, and other necessities to each young man and woman who become residents. The vision for this ministry is to create and maintain a place for the homeless, abandoned, and seemingly forgotten teens to live, grow, and flourish; a place for them to call home. To give them as many of the same opportunities as possible that other children their age have. To allow them to finish high school, play sports, and prepare them for college or the workforce. To equip them to be thriving members of the community and to be the best fathers, mothers, and leaders regardless of the situation they are currently in. Above all, it is our goal to instill seeds of faith and hope that will flourish into Christian character that will prepare them for a lifetime of Christian service.

These young men and women are not placed by DHR, are not part of a rehab program, nor part of a placement facility. They are simply teens who have found themselves in a homeless situation and just need a chance and someone to believe in them. Our vision is to step in and intercede where so many have turned a blind eye or been handcuffed by policies regarding these young people. These youth have met unfortunate life circumstances, oftentimes due to a lack of concern by the people who should have loved them.

We are a private placement facility. We encourage and frankly depend on the involvement and support of local organizations and communities in the lives of these young men and women. These will be the next generation of laborers, workers, mothers & fathers, and most importantly, leaders in our community. Any support is greatly appreciated and 100% will go directly to benefit the lives of these young men and women.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization with transparency and accountability for every donation.

Thank you for your support!

Below is a rendering of the proposed model for the homes